Drew Cotten

(I'm the guy on the right - gregcotten on the left)

Charitable Work

Jackson Hill Foundation

I am on the board of the Jackson Hill Foundation, which honors the legacy of Jackson Hill, by supporting efforts to ease the suffering of families who have a child in the hospital. Please follow the link above to learn more about the Foundation!

Photography (First for money, and now for fun)

Dallas Photos
The most award-winners are located here.

Non-Abstract Photos
Not all Landscapes, but definitely not abstracts.

Just like normal pictures but wider.

People Pictures
The type of stuff that got me into Forbes and Bloomberg Businessweek.

Video Projects (Also at first for money and now for fun)

Close Call at the Ghost Mall

What's life for, if you can't spend 48 hours laughing your head off with really close friends and then not share it? I "directed," "shot," and "edited" (all of which should definitely be in quotes) this 7 minute comedy short film in the Dallas 48 Hour Film Festival - we won a couple of awards for it, but most importantly, had a really really fun time making it inside and around the now demolished Valley View Mall in Dallas.

I'm more proud of this than anything else here.

Leaving Texas

After leaving the only state bigger than all the other states combined, I made a tribute using video I had shot over the years, in the style of the Friday Night Lights intro minus the credits for people who made it happen.


Before I became a responsible operator, I shot and edited some video together of the Swiss Alps and Norway's fjords. Ended up with 3 hours in total of relaxing, rolling landscape video (the Apple TV has a similar thing, but they use real helicopters, which, if Tim Cook is reading this (in all his spare time), I could totally do for you if you wanted).

Ocean Aerials

Visited Florida, made some slowmo views of the ocean water. (the Apple TV has a similar thing, but they use real helicopters, which, if Tim Apple is reading this, I could totally do for you if you wanted).

Jared Schwartz Faure Album, Promo Videos

Forgive my video's font choice, this is a pretty old one. Close friend of mine asked me to produce these promotional videos for an album he released which turned out really great.

Contemporary Chorale Virtual Choir

Long before it was cool because of COVID-19 (but after it was cool because of Eric Whitacre), I animated this Virtual Choir video for the Contemporary Chorale in Dallas, TX (directed by Melanie Moore).

Private Pilot (almost)

I'm (planning) to (eventually) keep a (mostly) public log of my (carefully) planned PPL flights.

And More

Flying (again), Sailing, Woodworking, Piano, the cool-not-creepy kind of Ukelele, Guitar, Singing, Computer Tinkering, Homelab development, Running, Hiking alone, but also
Long Walks in Parks with Wife and Dog, etc

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