Drew Cotten

I'm a people-person, pilot, and Excel jockey with many years of experience in Private Equity, Restructuring & Recapitalization, Turnaround Consulting, and Startups.

Current Work

America's Auto Auction - Addison, TX 
Experienced Data & Finance Associate

I work for the Home Office Finance & Ops Team of America's Auto Auction. My work largely focuses on acquisition due diligence, operational data/ financial analytics and metrics, internal media production, and any other project I can get involved with to help our 21 nationwide auction locations.

America's Auto Auction offers the full spectrum of Dealer Services necessary to successfully complete the remarketing needs for both Buyers and Sellers in our Auction Process. Here, we understand our customers value, and provide each with its different needs.


Past Work

Montgomery Capital Advisers - Plano, TX
Junior Deal Lead (2017-2018) 
Experienced Financial Analyst (2016) 
Financial Analyst (2015)

Montgomery Capital Advisers (MCA) is a diversified investment management and business advisory firm that manages a portfolio of small-cap debt and equity investments. I worked with this highly collaborative and intelligent group of finance-focused CPAs for several years, in a very independent but highly accountable position.

  • Distressed Managerial Consulting (and all that follows)
  • Recapitalization, Restructuring & Asset Liquidation
  • Funds/Portfolio Management & Reporting

Fantasy eSports.com 
Partner (2010-2015)

Startup I helped to create. I assisted with business plan creation, designed site graphics and advertising pieces, and assisted with SQL and relational database design, learning just enough computer programming concepts to be dangerous.

SMU BBA Scholar, Cox School of Business
Business Management Major (2010-2014)

Cotten's Cooling Company
Creator, Operator (2008-2012)

I created "Cotten's Cooling" during high school. In junior high, coaches and kids alike gave me the nickname "Cotten," so the business name came naturally (with a little help from a good friend).

My employees and I installed radiant barrier and attic insulation in multiple teams of four in residential homes, often in the Texas heat (>120° F!). I designed a custom insulation and radiant barrier installation system, managed our teams, designed advertising and marketing materials, created employee code of conduct and operations handbook, and sold our installation services to homeowners.


Other Stuff I Do

Dallas Photos
The most award-winners are located here.

Non-Abstract Photos
Not all Landscapes, but definitely not abstracts.

Just like normal pictures but wider.

People Pictures
The type of stuff that got me into Forbes and Bloomberg Businessweek.


I shot and edited some video together of the Swiss Alps and Norway's fjords. Ended up with 3 hours in total of relaxing, rolling landscape video. Will do more like this eventually. Here's a quick compilation.

Private Pilot

I'm (planning) to keep a (mostly) public log of my (carefully) planned PPL adventures.

And More

Sailing, Woodworking, Piano, Guitar, Singing, Computer Tinkering, Running,
Long Walks in Parks with Wife and Dog, etc

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